Cewek Cantik Bispak Tokeknya Gede

Small independents and large chains of hotels alike throughout the world have come to the realisation that they must strive to be environmentally friendly. It is a responsibility they owe to their employees and investors and the multitude of guests choose their accommodation every day.

Environmental awareness has evolved from politically correct to a necessary action in order to ensure our safety and survival. More and more hotels around the world are embracing this concept and making it work to their advantage.

Each child is given a certificate for participating and also receives gifts. The activities are developed for children from 6 to 14 and take place on the hotel grounds. Instilling environmental awareness into our children is ensuring environmental friendly world leadership for our future. This is one example of how a huge hotel chain can do its part to not only conserve energy, but to teach a new generation the importance of continued care for the environment.

The same environmental awareness team has made huge leaps in improving the performance of the hotel in relation to caring for the environment. Energy consumption was reduced by over 15 per cent per guest over the course of one year. The hotel's reduction of carbon emissions equalled the effects of removing 1,200 cars from the roads. The challenge for hotel employees to think greener has evolved into their motto.

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